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Instead of 的意思是“取代……”、“而不……”, 免费学英语网站 ,其主动 用法 如下:

1.作为短语介词,instead of 背面常跟名词、代词和动名词, ,偶然也跟复合布局。比方:

I have come instead of my brother. He is ill.

I will go instead of you.

If I hadn’t got a cold I’d be working instead of lying here in bed.

Instead of doing it himself, he got a man to do it.

Instead of lending a hand, he laughed at us.他不但没有帮我们一把,反而讽刺我们。

They must make up their own minds instead of our making up their minds for them. 他们必须自己做出决定,而不是有我们来取代他们作决定。

It’s me that should ask you instead of you asking me. 应该是我问你而不是你问我。

2.Instead of 背面还可跟形容词、副词、动!词、不定式、介词短语和从句,这时他相当于连词,但也有不少人以为他们是介词。但是,对中学生来说,重要的不是他的词性,而是他的 用法 。请看下面的例句:

Taking exercise every day makes him look younger instead of older. 天天锻练身材使他显得更年轻而不是苍老。(连接形容词)

But the businessman grew worse instead of better. 但这位商贩的环境没有好转,反而进一步恶化了。

I go to bed late instead of early.我总是很晚才睡。(连接副词)

That increased instead of decreased our courage. 这增长而不是淘汰了我们的勇气。(连接动词)

The price rises every day instead of sinks.

He proposes to do some work instead of to watch television.他发起做些工作而不是看电视。(连接不定式)

A word of encouragement might have made me respect instead of hate him.他如果说一句勉励的话,那么我大概不会恨他,反而会敬重他。(连接不定式)

In warm weather he often reads under a tree instead of in the library.


As a result, silver begar to flow out of, instead of into, the country.


3.Instead 单独使用的时间式副词,常用于句末。比方:

We’ve no coffee. Would you like tea instead.


It will take days by car, so let’s fly instead..


不外,用instead的句子也可以改成instead of:

She never studies. Instead, she plays tennis all day. A Instead of studying , she tennis all days. 她整天打网球,而不是学习。

He didn’t give John the money, but he gave it to me instead. A Instead of giving John the money, he gave it to me.

instead , it often impeded democratic reform and encouraged corruption Specific leaders and officers were accused and sentenced instead .
Failed to apply Active Directory settings. Using previous values instead . 应用 Active Directory 设置失败。请使用从前的值 取代
They sent the PR person instead . But instead , I found him alive. I told her another story instead . Perhaps you should explain yourself to me instead . I'm here remembering her instead . He said to have wives instead . Then release the Headmaster and take me instead . Fluorinated pharmaceuticals use sulfur tetrafluoride instead . So instead , she gave you ultimate power. Labour blames National Health Service bureaucrats instead . Other relevant material was sourced instead .
Starting gpg-agent (you should consider starting a global instance instead )... 正在启动 gpg- agent (您应该思量启动一个全局的 实例 )...
We should insert an endovascular graft through his leg instead . to instead become a different base. They have something called RNA instead .
The/server option is no longer supported. Please use/collection instead . 不再支持/server 选项。请 改用 /collection。
Proposals should instead be considered on their merits.

    Furthermore, students will be able to purchase sections of the text instead of buying the whole thing, with individual chapters costing as little as $


    The bid went instead to Fuji, which exploited its sponsorship to win a permanent foothold in the marketplace


    If we ask Americans why they eat with knives and forks, or why their men wear pants instead of skirts, or why they may be married to only one person at a time, we are likely to get similar and very uninformative answers: "Because it's right.